Artist Statement
My work reflects my love of drawing new shapes out of metal. I have a visceral reaction to watching metal change both its shape and characteristics as it is heated and hammered. I’m fascinated by the facets, the stretching, the shapes that are created simply by striking on copper, silver, bronze or gold.

My work is an exploration of this meeting of fire and hammer with metal. I am fascinated with the way that something made purely of hard edges and angles can grow as organically as a flower.

How I Started
I grew up in Connecticut, amidst suburbs and forests, ponds and streams. As a child, I always explored the “woods” behind my house, searching for rocks in streams, building forts and making bracelets out of acorns, daisies or anything else I could fashion together. To this day I can’t go for a walk without bringing home a rock, a leaf, a flower that I just can’t do without.

I lived in New York for 10 years, always seeking out the shine and shape of handcrafted jewelry and realizing that yes, I could do that for myself. Since moving to Seattle in 1996, I’ve taken courses from such fine local artists as Sarah Gascoigne, Aran Galligan, Roger Horner and Andy Cooperman, as well as internationally known metalsmiths Charles Lewton-Brain, Alan Revere and Phil Poirier. I have exhibited at juried shows and markets around the Seattle area and my work is carried in a variety of outlets around Puget Sound.